World Class Demolition

Our Team

Maurizio Bordone


With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Maurizio has become a leader in the construction industry. He has built World Class Demolition from the ground up, creating a standard of high quality, expert workmanship, and flawlessly finished projects.

Michael Ambery

Estimator/Project Manager

With 15 years of experience and knowledge, Michael is essential to the projects completed by World Class Demolition – from start to end. He sets parameters to judge how efficiently and effectively the projects are operating. Michael excels at delegating tasks and demonstrates exceptional communication skills. All projects overseen by him are completed to perfection.

Dennis Halpern


As per 20+ years of experience, Dennis our estimator utilizes his experience to ensure projects are ran smoothly and effectively. He prepares the planning and development of the project scope, procedure, budget and overall project schedule. Maintaining client contacts sustaining working relationships at all levels throughout the project.

Joey Kunzenmann

Director of Operations

With years of experience in the industry, Joey Kunzenmann operates with the highest standard in organization, managing the company’s operations and project management, overseeing purchasing and field operations. Ensuring that each project is coordinated and up to par with all industry procedures.

Rosemarie Livreri

Executive Assistant

Rosemarie is an Executive Assistant for World Class Demolition. She provides support and organization, and brings years of experience to her roll, ensuring that client satisfaction is at its highest.